2. Regarding the contract

Regarding the contract

Contract process flow

We only accept contracts with customers who are able to read and communicate in Japanese.
We do not accept online applications. Please contact the call center for applications.

  1. Choose a storage space
  2. Application
  3. Receive contract documents
  4. Return documents/
    payment of initial fee
  5. Sign contract/
    receive key


STEP 1 : Choose a storage space

Please select your preferred storage space.

The space/ fee/ vacancy status can be checked on our webpage. We also accept inquiries by telephone.

Regarding the storage space information page >>

STEP 2 : Apply

Please apply through our webpage application form or by telephone.
We require the following information for application.

  • Contractor name (company name if it is a company contract)
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • First day of use (storage space will be available for use around 7 days after the application is submitted)
    *Please contact the call center if you wish to use earlier.

Please confirm the above information and we will send the contract documents.
Please inform us if the mailing address for the contract documents differ from the registered address.
(Please register your work or second contact address for addresses that can be specified apart from your home address)

We will contact you if the preferred storage space is occupied or if there are any inadequacies with the application form.

STEP 3 : Receive contract related materials

The contract documents and initial fee payment form will be sent from Arealink Co., Ltd.

STEP 4 : Return materials/ payment of initial fee

Please fill out all required items and send in the stamped address envelope.
Please transfer the initial fee by the deadline.

Please note that the shipment of the storage space key may be delayed if there are any inadequacies with the documents/ late payment.

■Initial fee (in the case of a standard contract)

Usage fee Usage fee of the current month (daily rate)
Usage fee until the following month
Maintenance fee From the current month until the following month
(2,160 Yen x for 2 months=4,320 Yen)
Administrative fee 1 month's worth of usage fee
Key price Outdoor storage space: 3,780 Yen
Indoor storage space: 2,400 Yen
Some rooms do not have key prices. Please contact for further details.
Security registration fee Indoor storage space: 1,080 Yen
Safety insurance plan 540 Yen
※Please refer to the"Hello Safety Insurance Plan"for details.

No deposit required for credit card payment, deposit amount for 1 month required for convenience store payment & bank transfer.

Contract documents will be examined once received.

STEP 5 : Sign contract/ receive storage space key

The key will be delivered by the contract date.

There will be a cancellation charge for cancellation requests made after signing the contract. (5,000 Yen per contract)

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Required materials for contract

Required documents

  1. Alien registration certificate ※1

  2. Signature stamp

  3. Work place

  4. Second contact address (emergency contact)

    We ask all customers for their emergency contact.
    The contact must be able to read and communicate in Japanese.

  5. Signature stamp used for bank account
    Or credit card information ※2

Corporate clients

  1. Certified copy of commercial registration (issued within 3 months)

  2. Corporate registered seal

  3. Signature stamp used for bank account

※1 Customers with foreign nationality
Case.1 Those with status of residence
Should you choose any other monthly payment method apart from credit card payment, we request that you have a joint guarantor with Japanese nationality or permanent residency rights

Case.2 We cannot accept applications from customers without permanent residency rights or status of residence.

※2 Regarding credit cards
・We accept VISA/ Master Card that have been issued in Japan.
※However this only applies to certain plans and storage space.

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■Account transfer

We ask monthly payments to be automatically transferred from contractor's bank account.

■Credit card payment

We accept VISA and MasterCard and JCB and AMEX.

VISA / MasterCard

■Newly register/ change transfer account

We recommend using simple and convenient online bank transfer procedures.

Registration can be completed without filling out bank transfer requests or using seals and stamps.

※We accept transfers from certain banking corporations. Please confirm from below for further details.

Confirm list of banking corporations with online transfer service >>

※This is a link to the website of The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Ltd.
※We also accept standard procedures with documents.

Online account transfer acceptance service Login

※Please go through procedures by clicking "Login" above if you have a Log in ID/ password.

※Please contact by telephone if you wish to create a login ID/ password.

Please print and send the bank account transfer from below if you wish to pay through a banking corporation without online transfer, or by bank transfer request form.

Print bank transfer request form from here >>

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Important matters

  1. The contract address and address on the identity verification documents must be identical.

    Please submit mail documents with the current address such as public utility bills if you still have not changed your address after moving residence etc.

  2. The storage space registrant and account holder must be the same person.

  3. The delivery of the key may be delayed if there are any inadequacies with the returned documents. Please make sure that the documents are properly filled out.
    You must go through the registration procedure once again if you wish to change details of your contract.

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Any valuable items kept in our storage space are automatically insured. Insurance details are shown below.

Compensations Indoor type: 1,000,000 Yen/ accident per room
Outdoor type: 500,000 Yen/ accident per room
Compensated accidents Fire, rupture, explosion, theft (incident of theft due to intrusion that has been reported to the police)
Accidents not subject to compensation Any accidents intentionally caused by the user or by error are not subject to compensation, regardless of falling under the above-mentioned accidents. Any items prohibited to be kept in the storage space according to contract are also not subject to compensation.
Insurance period The insurance period starts from the contract date specified in the registration contract and ends on the day of contract expiration. However, in the event of contract cancellation, the insurance period will also expire on the cancellation date.

Please confirm the license agreement for further details.

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Contract renewal

The term of the contract is 1 year. Contracts are automatically renewed unless we receive a cancellation request. We also charge an extra half-month usage fee as renewal fee on the month of contract renewal.

Unless otherwise specified in the details of contract.

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Contract cancellation

Please contact by telephone.
・At the earliest, contracts are canceled at the end of the following month after receiving the call for cancellation.
・Cancellation takes effect on the last day of the month, therefore we charge for a full month's worth of usage fee. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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Restoration fees will be charged after cancellation if the storage space is in any of the following states at the time of inspection.


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